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Tough as Africa – built to last

The Jim Green Razorback boot is inspired by Africa, designed to take on the daily outdoor and work challenges that come with the harsh terrain. Its double layer of leather upper combines with a pure rubber sole to give you superior stability, comfort and grip.
For over 30 years, the Jim Green Razorback has been the choice of South Africa’s’ safari lodges and outdoor enthusiast. Famous for its never say die attitude and respected for its durability. No other boot is more versatile, from mountain tops to factory floors, the Razorback is ready for any challenge.
Mile after mile, year after year, the Razorback, an old friend you can always count on to get you from here to there in rugged comfort.
  • Manufactured with a double layer of leather (2.2mm full grain leather, lined with 1.6mm calf leather)
  • Double layer of leather aids in the boots water resistant properties (not waterproof)
  • Ankle padding for excellent support, comfort and protection
  • Thermoplastic toe puff and a heel stiffener for extra support
  • A steel shank between the insole board and sole offers extra support and stability
  • Insole board is secured to the upper with a double stitched 2.2mm braided nylon cord
  • Sole is made from a genuine rubber
  • Can be resoled
  • Due to the double layer of leather the Razorback can tackle all kinds of terrain, making it ideal for the outdoor worker or hiker requiring that extra bit of toughness
The best way to preserve your Jim Greens is through regular and correct polishing. Water, heat and wear remove the natural oil from the leather, so when the tiny fibres dry out they become hard, brittle and break easily, thereby shorten the life of the leather.
For our leather boots we recommend any natural shoe polish found at your local store. For our suede options we suggest light brushing to remove dirt and a scotchguard for longer protection.
After a long day in wet conditions and you requiring your boots early the next morning, the worst possible solution is to artificially dry your boots. Leather fibres burn easily – especially when wet and therefore should never be left near a heater, placed in your oven or left in direct sunlight. For the best results, footwear should be dried out slowly and never subjected to any extreme heat. Should you work in constantly wet conditions, it is best to alternate between two or more pairs of our Jim Green boots.
We realise that buying footwear online is a daunting task and we are often asked to recommend a size by new Jim Green customers. If you happen to purchase a pair of Jim Green boots online and they do not fit, we will happily exchange them for you. If the measurements fall in-between the lengths provided, we do offer half sizes on certain styles. We can recommend a size but we can’t guarantee the fit.
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Additional information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 27 × 13 cm
UK Size

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Reviews (38)

38 reviews for Razorback

  1. Gareth

    All round great boot, perfect for the outdoors and hiking! Love my Jim Greens.

  2. Theo van Rooyen

    Great quality boot. It’s just very wide in front. Battle to prevent my toes from sliding around in the boot.

  3. Petrus Claassen (verified owner)

    Received my boots today! Absolutely a solid pair of hiking boots, great quality and workmanship, fits perfectly.

  4. Gary Kirkland

    Great boot.

  5. Miguel (USA)

    I bought this boot following an online review, I had to wait a bit for my size (11) to be available but the wait was worth it. The boot fits as well as my other size 11 boots and having an all leather upper is a welcome feature since it allows the feet to breathe well and the perspiration to evaporate quicker.

    The break-in took about 15 miles and then the boots are comfortable, however the break-in was brutal. I developed a large blister on the back of the right heel as well as a small blister on the top of the right toe. I should mention that I believe if I had taken a more sedate approach doing short walks there would not have been blisters. Instead upon receipt of the boots I put them on and went out on a three mile (5 kilometers) urban walk about.

    I would recommend three changes although I realize the price is very likely to go up. These changes are: (1) Use leather for the footbed, (2) Delete the insole or include a higher quality one (my insole was flat at the 40 mile mark), and (3) Install an additional lace eyelet by the toes.

    Overall I am very satisfied with the boots and I have recommended it to my coworkers and friends.

  6. Amazon customer

    If I could give this pair of boots 10 stars for comfort and affordability I would in an instant! You cannot beat the price of these handmade boots and how the company supports many local workers in their area. Kudos for that. Straight out of the box these boots are some of the most comfortable things that I have ever put on my feet. I decided to wear them to work the day after receiving them and they surely didn’t disappoint. I was on my feet for 14hrs that first day and had zero fatigue. Now that I’ve had them for a month I can tell you that these are now my Go To boots for everything! They are great for work and they look great with some jeans going out on the town for dinner!
    I can’t wait to purchase another pair so that I can rotate between the two pairs to make them last even longer.
    If you are on the fence at all about purchasing these boots, just Jump!! You won’t regret it.

  7. vikingwolf (USA)

    Nice deep teeth in the sole, great pliable leather uppers and a great classic bush look. Removable foot bed and very comfortable. Wore them around the house for a couple days then took them out into the mud and rocks of Pennsylvania. They did extremely well and had a great bite into the dirt and mud. You can’t beat the classic design and great attention to detail in these boots.

  8. EAGLE (USA)

    These are great well made boots. Due to funny feet I have, had to return 9 for 9.5. Since receiving 9.5 have been wearing every other day doing chores on property and running errands in town for about 30 days. Boots now getting broke in and have placed in work boot rotation so they get worn every third or fourth day depending on activity planned. Thus allowing them to dry out. I have weak ankle so these boots being solid and stable with excellent support are a joy in the field. Jim Green Razorback compare favorably with other boots I own or have owned including Limmer, Irish Setter, Chippewa, Sears Die Hard to name a few. Just gave first treatment of leather care to boots. Look as good as new. Excellent boot.

  9. tucker

    Great fit, double stitchdown construction, and an amazing price make for a really valuable boot. I am very happy with my Razorbacks and intend to pick up more Jim Greens asap!

  10. Peter Balford

    I liked this product. I collect many boots and saw my favorite YouTube Rose Anvil give a quick review of one of their other boots and I wanted to give them a try. They are very high quality leather, full grain I believe, and are good for applications in uneven terrain. My feet feel well planted to the ground and I feel comfortable wearing them. Amazing product

  11. Sam (Amazon US)

    The build quality and fit and finish of these boots well exceeded my expectations. They seem to be hitting well above the 130 dollar price. They seem more like a 300 dollar boot. Can’t wait to see how these are after they’re broken in.

  12. Andre

    My Razorbacks are now 18 years old (young!). I had them resoled in 2014 and they seem good for another 10 years.They are my “go to” boots for any hiking and are especially resistant to the ‘sekelbos’ thorns which infested much of Limpopo.

  13. US Amazon Customer

    tl;dr These boots are 100% worth it. They’ll get the job done and you just can’t beat quality at this price.

    I had been wanting some general work / hiking boots for a while. More specifically, I wanted a pair of boots that would last me years and when the time came I could get them resoled, but I didn’t want it to cost me an arm and a leg. While doing some research I started seeing Jim Green pop-up on a few Instagram pages I follow. Everything written about them was good, and the price point was hard to ignore so I purchased a pair.

    Bought these in a size US 12D, which is what I wear in basically everything. They fit perfectly and are pretty comfortable. From what I understand, the company is looking to potentially upgrade their insole to leather, but what’s used now works just fine and if needed down the road I can just use an insert. The toe box is a bit roomy, but I like that – IMO nothing worse than cramped toes.

    -Overall impression-
    I’m super pleased with these. They fit great, meet my need and they really feel like they’ll last. It’s nice to be able to buy some quality footwear at this price point and know that it’ll get the job done AND you wont have to buy another pair a year later.

    -Random notes-
    Jim Green will replace the footbed and laces if doing a resole through them. I’m not sure what the cost is for doing a resole, especially shipping form the U.S., but I’m sure you could reach out to them and they’d let you know. On a related note, their customer service is amazing. I had asked several questions about the construction (stitch down if anyone was wondering) and materials used, and I received several timely and informative responses.

  14. Dr Lesley Luthuli (verified owner)

    I bought the Razorback boots and they are just so solid and comfortable. I have a chronic back problem since 1993 and I have a difficulty when it comes to the type of shoe I have to wear and comfort, but these shoes just made it and I felt no tension on my back. These boots are a must have in any shoe collection. They are so well priced and great for hiking or any other outdoor adventure.

  15. Riaan (verified owner)

    What an awesome pair of boots this is! I received mine a couple of months ago and I smile everytime I wear mine. Well built for any adventure or outing. I mainly use mine for hiking and casual wear with jeans. The boots fit the pupose of good grip, protection of feet and an acceptable level of comfort. The shoe has a wider fit which is comfortable enough for your toes to fit in without giving it a bulky look.

    As this is a full leather grain boot, it took me quite a while to get worn in. In the beginning I had blisters at the back of my ancle, but this is expected with a new leather boot. The size fits perfectly though. Constant treatment of dubbin and working the leather helped me to brake them in easier. It is important to wear the correct type of socks though. Even though the sole feels hard (solid rubber sole), this can easily be adjusted with the help of an aftermarket insole.

    I am happy to give 5 stars for these boots. The company is client driven and very helpfull throughout the process of puchacing the boots. I shall definitely make use of their service again.

  16. Janus

    These are really awesome boots. You need to break them in but will be comfortable as slippers afterwards. Amazingly durable. My next pair will be the same. Also great to have them in 1/2 sizes!

  17. Charl Marais (verified owner)

    Wow. For the first time in many years I have shoed that actually fit me due to the half sizes. Had a few blisters breaking them in but now it is the only shoes I wear. Had them for about 4 months now and constantly wearing them for the last 3 months. With an average walking disfance of 5 km per day plus a hunting trip where we hiked about 12km per day for 4 days over very rough terrain there is no real sign of wear on the boots. They still look good enough for me to wear them to church. I am very impressed and ordering a second pair so I can alternate them to give them a chance to rest and dry properly. Not good for shoes to be worn every day.

  18. John MacDonald

    I have had my Razobacks for a couple years now and they are absolutely awesome… They are something you will need to put in your will and pass down for generations to come…

  19. Molahlegi Outinity mogoboya

    I like leather

  20. Andrzej

    I brought my Razorback & Bantam back in february with Steel cap toe for work purpose love those boots with superfeet insoles are amazing for 12h shifts, and would love to suggest an small improvment for people use then to work in factories , some kind of toe cap protector rubber, it would extend the life of boots , will be back for more in the future!

  21. Riaan Harmsen (verified owner)

    These are realy comfortable boots and they are tough as nails. It took me about 3weeks to break them in, now it’s my everyday boots that I wear.

  22. Seth Price

    Absolutely magnificent boots!
    I have had my Razorbacks for a long time now and have been on many multi day hikes carrying 20+ kg bags, never once have I had a blister or any hot spots.
    The first day I used them I went on a 15km hunt and had no problem with any blisters, and my feet had no trouble getting used to the shape of the boots in that first few days.
    My size 12 fit perfectly and are not that heavy considering it’s well made leather design.
    I have recommended these wonderful boots to all my friends and family, and have definitely boasted about how comfortable they actually are!
    Another bonus is how water proof they are, obviously if you don’t submerge them.
    Overall the best boots I have ever owned, and are the only boots I want to own!
    Super glad I own them!

  23. Kleinboy nkululeko

    Hi I like this boot the way she build

  24. Kiri Rossouw (verified owner)

    I use my Razorbacks on a farm in the Little Karoo, where the terrain is mostly rocky with little to no trails, other than game and sheep trails. I had to replace my “brand name” non leather hiking boots as they could not handle the tough terrain. After a few months of use, the Jim Green’s have shown their worth as a tough work boot. Later this year, the real test will come when I start scouting routes for 4×4 and hiking trails.

  25. Andries Olivier

    Congratulations for creating a very tough hiking,
    working boot. My Razorbacks have been in use for
    about a year and they are doing fine. No pampering.
    We live on a small mountain farm in the Western Cape and do all labour ourselves.
    During the past 34 years I’ve only been wearing
    boots. I am truly impressed with the durability
    of the soles of the Razobacks.
    Maybe the innersole can be leather, but truly a boot that I shall recommend.
    Well done Jim Green.

  26. Hentie Mostert

    Rugged, comfortable boot. Perfect for the African bush and to wear as casual wear.

  27. Richard makhubedu

    I like it

  28. CK

    Got my Razorbacks Castrol/Fudge 6 months ago, loved them from the get-go, no walk in time, no blisters or burning foot soles at all!
    BUT I believe the left shoe is a dud – thin, soft leather has already cracked and torn, also the lace hooks do not line up.
    I take care to clean them with a damp cloth after every use, dry them, and use only the best leather saddle creams and treatments to condition.
    However, I still love these boots for unparalelled comfort.

  29. PvdL

    I bought my razorback’s on recommendation from an avid hiking friend to go and hike the Fish River Canyon of June 2023. With the decent I immediately realised that I have made the best decision in getting razorbacks. I even made the comment to my friend that I would hike the Canyon naked if I had to as long as I have my razorbacks.

    I would say that a pair of razorbacks should be standard equipment for any hike. It was a pleasure because my feet were in the best shoe for the job.

    If you buy your razorbacks you will never be sorry.

  30. Eric McBain (verified owner)

    These are great no nonsense boots. My son Sean and I each wore them on the Overland Track in Tasmania, Australia. Rocks, mud, water, rain and snow. Excellent value and very good quality.

  31. Zak (verified owner)

    I hiked 45KM in the Drakensberg carrying a 20KG bag.
    I Never got ant blisters or blue toenails and my feet didn’t feel tired at all.
    I love the wide toe box.

    100% These boots.

  32. Zak (verified owner)

    I hiked 45KM in the Drakensberg carrying a 20KG bag.
    I Never got any blisters or blue toenails and my feet didn’t feel tired at all.
    I love the wide toe box.

    I 100% love and recommend These boots.

  33. Tau Mokhele (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot Jim green, great boots , quality leather and I’m looking forward to get a pair of jim green town and country now. I love my boots , I wear them everyday for work , comfortable. No regrets with my online purchase

  34. Ethan

    Best boots I’ve ever worn. Comfortable, stylish and I have no doubts about durability. 10/10 would reccomend. So much so that I bought a second pair in a different color. Will definitely be picking up a fair of Chelsea boots soon!

  35. Clément Bernard

    I bought those boots for hunting in mountain mostly, but also to walk and work in my forrest.
    I were those for almost two months and have walked between 160 to 200 km yet.
    And, what a great boot !
    I was affraid the boots were too heavy but they aren’t, my previous hunting boots were Haix nepal pro, which were heavier.
    I was affraid also because they are not waterproof, and indeed they’re not… After one hunt under hard rain, in mountain with a lot of wind, and frozen feet, I bought some bee wax, and cure my boots with it.
    Since then, I’ve no waterproof issues…
    After each use of my boots, I clean them with a little bit of water and sometimes also with saddle soap, then I coat them with wink oil and then bee waxed them, and so far, so good…
    I’m so happy with those boots, that I consider to buy another Jim Green’s pair of boots perhaps the baobab…
    When it will be available in France…

  36. Warren Brown

    I bought Razorback around 2021, to this day i still rock them with so much confidence cause i walk with pride, damn Jimmy Green created with quality boots with my style in mind, you guys are super amazing, my boots comes with swagg, quality and style, with Jimmy Green you get your money’s worth

  37. metalcrow55 (verified owner)

    I ordered a black color and received the item today.
    But unlike the picture, the shoelaces arrived in black. I ordered it from Korea, so it’s a hassle to exchange it, but I’m disappointed

  38. Ben Murphy (verified owner)

    This is my first pair of proper boots and I’m so pleased I got them. I love hiking and I’m a big chap, so I need boots with decent support and durability. I’ve always bought cheaper hiking boots until now. While they do the job, they’re not particularly comfortable and don’t last long, and they’re not practical to repair. I go through a pair every year and it’s so wasteful.

    These are a big step up from what I’ve had in the past. Really well put together boots which I look forward to wearing for many, many years. They are properly rugged and can easily be resoled to keep them in service for years to come. The wide toe is so comfortable as well. It’s the first pair of boots I’ve ever worn that have adequate space for my wide toes. No rubbing whatsoever.

    There was certainly a break-in period for me, but only in the heel. They were very comfortable for me right out of the box everywhere else, but the firm sole and stiff leather caused me some pain in the heel for a while. Now that they are properly broken in, they are without a doubt the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my feet. I did briefly consider if a softer sole might be better, but I’m glad I stuck with the stock one. It is comfortable after the boot has broken in, and it’s the grippiest sole I’ve ever had. I did a bit of impromptu rock climbing recently with them, and the sole bites very very well.

    Great investment that will save me a lot of money and pain into the long run, and well worth getting them shipped to the UK (which was actually really painless and took less than 2 weeks).

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