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Embrace Nature with the African Ranger Barefoot Boot

The African Ranger Barefoot Boot is all about keeping things natural and comfy for your feet. It’s like giving your feet a smooth ride on level ground. Plus, there’s lots of space up front in the toe area, so your big toe and pinkie toe can spread out without feeling squished against the sides. These boots are like your foot’s best friend – they’re super flexible and can bend and twist just like your foot would. The soles are thin, so you can feel the ground beneath you better. Going barefoot-style is where the magic happens. No need to worry about springs in your toes or fancy arch support. These boots let your feet do their thing naturally. So, if you’re all about comfy, flexible, and feet-happy footwear, the barefoot boot is where it’s at!
  • The boot is designed with 3 main focus areas: Comfort and Durability while at an Affordable price.
  • The Anvil sole is designed to mimic the feel of walking any terrain barefoot, while giving you extra grip and protection.
  • The Toe, Heel and Eyelet area are manufactured with a double layer of 2.2mm oily Nubuck leather for added durability.
  • The Heel stiffener is built in for ankle support and protection.
  • The soft leather collar and tongue for comfort and weight reduction.
  • A leather midsole for added comfort, flexibility and feel under foot.
  • The heavy-duty speed hooks and eyelets to help secure your feet.
  • The leather midsole is secured to the upper with a double stitched 2.2mm braided nylon cord.
  • As with all our boots, these can be resoled due to their double stitch down construction.
  • Last: Zero Drop (This offers a wide fit and extra room that allows for a more natural barefoot experience)
  • Weight: 2.34 lbs (Size 9 US)
  • Laces: 47.24 inches
The best way to preserve your Jim Greens is through regular and correct polishing. Water, heat and wear remove the natural oil from the leather, so when the tiny fibres dry out they become hard, brittle and break easily, thereby shorten the life of the leather.
For our leather boots we recommend any natural shoe polish found at your local store. For our suede options we suggest light brushing to remove dirt and a scotchguard for longer protection.
After a long day in wet conditions and you requiring your boots early the next morning, the worst possible solution is to artificially dry your boots. Leather fibres burn easily – especially when wet and therefore should never be left near a heater, placed in your oven or left in direct sunlight. For the best results, footwear should be dried out slowly and never subjected to any extreme heat. Should you work in constantly wet conditions, it is best to alternate between two or more pairs of our Jim Green boots.
We realise that buying footwear online is a daunting task and we are often asked to recommend a size by new Jim Green customers. If you happen to purchase a pair of Jim Green boots online and they do not fit, we will happily exchange them for you. If the measurements fall in-between the lengths provided, we do offer half sizes on certain styles. We can recommend a size but we can’t guarantee the fit.
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Additional information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 27 × 13 cm
UK Size

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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for African Ranger Barefoot Boot – Fudge

  1. Wade McComas (verified owner)

    One week later; I have tucked three times, hiked once, walked each morning and evening with my kids, mowed the grass, gardened, and gone to church.

    My original Rangers (also 5+ stars) will still see use however from the beginning I had some blistering issues.

    Not with the Barefoot. These are really handsome, well made, barefoot boots for men and their duties.

    Thank you.

  2. Ethan (verified owner)

    I was compelled to buy a pair of these boots because my feet eat through other barefoot shoes and I needed something more robust for beekeeping, dog walking etc.

    Ordered internationally (isle of man) and their courier was so so quick the boots arrived in a matter days!

    The sizing is spot on and I can wear either a regular cotton sock or medium wool sock with no issues.

    Small break in period needed but otherwise not too hard on the feet in the first couple of outings

    Overall 5 stars, the boulder boot killer. Highly recommend.

  3. Jorrit (verified owner)

    Quickly after receiving these boots they have become my favorites. I’m not exactly an experienced barefoot walker, but am accustomed to less drop on my shoes. I was able to immediately traverse longer distances in these zero drops without any discomfort. I’ve been wearing ‘m every other day since receiving them some six weeks ago and I’m probably gonna buy a second pair so I can alternate them and wear these wonderful jobbies on a more daily basis.

    In the city, out in the field and even on some pretty rough mountainous terrain here in New Zealand, they seem to take it all. The “stack” is enough to be able and without too much exaggerated care, pick your route through most terrains and just get on with it, while still receiving good feedback on what you’re actually stepping on. Have not used them under a heavy hunting pack yet, but for a day trip and some deer stalking these boots deliver what I’m after.

  4. simuk100 (verified owner)

    Haven’t bought leather boots in a long while but was impressed by the Rose Anvil description. These smell great on being opened and look great. They appear to be very well made.
    When sizing these I had no access to a Brannock device so measured my feet and used the size chart. Because this was an international order, and returning them would be financially unfeasible I went up a size to allow some wiggle room. This was a mistake as they are far too large. My advice with these boots would be to size conservatively when ordering. Otherwise they are great boots.

  5. Keagile (verified owner)

    Amazing boots and much better than I could have hoped. Wore for 1 month straight and spent the last week hiking +/- 10kms a day through the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa. Been through rivers, up mountains, and in really bad conditions and these boots have held up extremely well. Probably the best all-round barefoot style shoes you can get, and best of all, they’re repairable.

    Been wearing a pair of Vivobarefoots daily for the past year so already big on the barefoot train. Wanted these as great quality, leather, repairable, barefoot style shoes and they are better than anything I could have hoped.

    Sizing is true to size and they broke in pretty well. Not too hard on the feet.

    5 Stars! Please buy!

  6. Martin (verified owner)

    Have had these a couple of months now and they have turned out to be a jack of all trades. I use these almost everyday. For commuting, hiking and lighter work. Was a bit worried that I had ordered a size to large, but entering into winter here in Norway they have been excellent. They traction on snow and ice is the best I have had without metal studs, and the spacious toe box is good for keeping warm. Now I would not recommend wading trough snow and marshes, as they won’t keep out the water. But for a everyday boot ,they are both comfy while also feeling the ground. They also strike a balance of being rugged enough for most you will throw at it, and cheep enough to replace if you do find something they can’t handle.

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