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Jim Green Footwear was born out of humble beginnings, in a back-yard garage in 1992, with the idea in mind of making a boot that lasts and lasts. It wasn’t long before Jim Green had gained a reputation amongst local communities, living up to its’ name of being tough, rugged, and able to go the distance, eventually becoming a household name across South Africa.


Jim Green is not only hand crafted in South Africa, but all components are also locally sourced. With an ever-climbing unemployment rate it is important to us to support our local people and economy. Our factory is run in an ethical manner and we pride ourselves on bringing you the best value for money footwear, while at the same time living up to our name. Situated in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Jim Green boots have been made the same way since day one.


Jim Green is still one of South Africa’s favorite adventure and workwear footwear brands, being worn by large and small corporations and remains a local favorite amongst the farming and hiking communities. We have a heritage of making durable comfortable footwear that is famous for its never say die attitude and respected by many. No other boot is more versatile, from mountain tops to factory floors, Jim Green boots are ready for any challenge.
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