What size am I?

We realize that buying footwear online is a daunting task and we are often asked to recommend a size by new Jim Green customers. We can recommend a size but we can’t guarantee the fit. If you happen to purchase a pair of Jim Green boots online and they do not fit, we will happily exchange them for you. To get a recommended size please stand flat on a ruler and measure from the edge of your heel to the tip of your big toe. If the measurements fall in-between the lengths provided, we do offer half sizes on certain styles. You can refer to the below chart to get our recommended size. To get an accurate reading it is sometimes best to get someone else to take down the measurement.

Jim green Sizing


Foot Length (cm) Shoe Size
21.5 3
22.5 4
23.5 5
24.5 6
25 7
26 8
27 9

Edit Foot Length (cm) Shoe Size
28 10
29 11
30 12
31 13
32 14

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