The legend of Jim Green

jim-green-logo_redrawJim Green footwear was born out of humble beginnings in a garage in New Hanover in 1992, with the idea in mind of making a boot that lasts and lasts…  With only a few styles hand crafted to start, Jim Green soon started to gain a reputation amongst the local community and live up to its name of being tough, rugged, go the distance boots. It wasn’t long before Jim Green boots started to find their way into cities country wide and soon Jim Green grew to a healthy product range, producing 20 pairs a day.  The name Jim Green comes from a sneaky little frog that hangs by the river edge, this frog being used by questionable fisherman at local fly fishing competitions to illegally hook the winning catch.

With the popularity of Jim Green growing it soon found itself a new home on the Midlands Meander. Manufacturing of the boots was then slowly being handed onto Crouch Footwear in Pietermaritzburg, where with many years of shoe making experience perfected the art of making a pair of Jim Green boots.  It was there that Jim Green got a strong footing in the market place and became a legend in its own for their durability, comfort and quality. Crouch Footwear eventually acquired Jim Green in the year 2000.

Today Jim Green is still South Africa’s number one locally made safety and hiking boot, being worn by our countries major telecommunications groups, large corporations and still remains a local favourite amongst the farmers.

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